Switching To Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Could Make Huge Ethical Change

Brands of today become smarter and smarter each day with the ingredients and materials they put in their products.

Not only does the content matter now, but the material and look of the packaging also matters. Aside from that, the production process matters too.

Nowadays, we see lesser plastic use, lesser harmful chemicals, and a humane production of cosmetics. But even then, big makeup brands still continue to test products on animals or sell in countries (like China where it’s mandatory) that test on animals. That’s why there has been a movement within the beauty community to stop promoting brands that still test on animals.

This week, we witness how taking a stand for cruelty-free makeup could make a huge ethical change.

Because one of the American cosmetics giant, CoverGirl, announced that the brand is going cruelty-free. The company creates a wide array of cosmetic products for its consumers’ everyday use. Just like other cosmetics company, the huge amount of products they produce had the consumers begging for them to stop testing their products on animals.

And now, CoverGirl listens and takes the leap.

Becoming a smart and conscious consumer really fires up the change in the retail industry. Now, with CoverGirl’s announcement, thousands of innocent animals will be spared from the works of animal-testing.

Although most brands have not gone cruelty-free yet, the choices for the consumers are expanding each day. Switching to cruelty-free cosmetics becomes a lot easier for all of us who wish to look pretty every day. In fact, aside from CoverGirl, we Filipinos have a lot of choices from our local makeup and cosmetics market too!

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