Diego Loyzaga Asks Respect For Sofia Andres

Sofia Andres‘ on-screen partner and rumored boyfriend has come to her defense after she was bashed on social media. The bashing started when Sofia posted a photo of her Instagram in a sexy red swimsuit. The photo has garnered 176,236 likes as of writing, but even though it was well-received, bashers still found a way to spew hateful comments to Sophia because of the photo. Related: Diego Loyzaga’s Birthday Message For Sofia Andres

Because of the hateful comments she received, Sofia took to Instagram to react and say her piece. In the recently-concluded press conference of Pusong Ligaw finale, Diego came to her defense. “Hindi naman talaga maiiwasan, tao lang din naman kami. If you bash somebody, of course, the person is gonna react accordingly. Wala naman sa lugar yung mga sinabi, mga binato kay Sofia, so nag-lash out siya. As in lash out, she posted it on Twitter. Give us some space naman, you don’t bash people. Like, sinasabi na insecure daw siya. It’s not nice, she’s a woman. She’s a girl, respect naman.”

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Sofia also said that although she tries to be unaffected by her bashers, there are some who cross the line. “Tina-try ko po talaga na, sa mga artista, bawal ang pumatol. But kami, may feelings din kami, napipikon.” Hear, hear! Celebrities have the right to be hurt and offended, especially when the hateful comments get too much. We can’t just expect them to stay silent all the time. Kudos to you, Sofia for defending yourself! Read more: