Donny Pangilinan Responds To Kisses Delavin’s DonKiss Breakup Announcement

Donny Pangilinan has responded to Kisses Delavin’s public statement on the dissolution of their love team known as “DonKiss“.

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Kisses Delavin and Donny Pangilinan
Is Kisses Delavin’s Recent Tweet About DonKiss Ending?

Through a brief statement released via his Instagram stories, Donny revealed that he was surprised with what Kisses posted. He said that he was under the impression that their partnership was still under review.

However, Donny did not further expound on that matter. Instead, he urged his fans to support Kisses’ statement.

The young actor then ended his statement by thanking all of the DonKiss supporters for their support.

Donny Pangilinan respond to Kisses Delavin

We wonder why Donny and Kisses’ statements were not exactly aligned with each other?

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