The Only Back To School Drinks To Help You Survive The School Year

“School’s back!” and we’re not ready yet. We feel the pain of going back to all-nighters and early mornings. We would definitely miss the days when we’ll sleep late from playing video games or aimless scrolling through social media. But this routine shouldn’t ever bring you down. Back to school also means back to allowance and unhealthy living (as if we lived healthily during the summer).

There’s a lot of meals to skip and maybe even breakfasts to miss just so we won’t be marked tardy on our first subject. But no worries! We know just the right drinks to pack and help you get through the day. And trust me, these will be your best friends in the upcoming school year.

Here are the only drinks that you will need to last you at least one school day.

Caffeine-Free Boosters

While caffeine gives you the best slap in the face to wake you up in the morning (minus the instant pain), you wouldn’t love its effects in the long run. So before you suffer from gastritis, palpitations, or hyperacidity, drop that coffee and energy drink and replace it with caffeine-free performance boosters! I promise they are legal. No shade.

A prime example will be Berocca® Performance. Wake up to its fizzy goodness while enjoying its different flavors that you will definitely love. Get the best of all the vitamins and boost you need minus the negative side effects of caffeine. Your wallet and body will thank you for this later.

Pocket-Sized Thirst Quenchers

Going back to school means a day of jam-packed schedule and school work. That’s not exciting at all. You would need an on-the-go companion to keep you satisfied… and maybe even full for the rest of the day. That’s when affordable on-the-go drinks will be your best friend.

Mogu Mogu just gave us the solution for a thirst-quenching, on-the-go drink. You’re going to love the bursting flavors from each sip! Chew away with all the nata de coco you can get in just a 180 mL bottle. Take it wherever you go – conveniently. And get this: it’s only P15! Your wallet will thank you later.