Edward Barber’s Birthday Greeting for Maymay Is The Sweetest Thing Ever

Edward Barber has never been one to deny his feelings for love team partner and best friend, Maymay Entrata. For the young actress’ birthday, Edward penned another heartfelt message for Maymay.

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Edward Barber

Edward’s message for Maymay this year was cute, referencing One Punch Man.

The actor wrote: “We’re like Genos and Saitama. In a world full of crazy, monsters and Dragon level Threats, I’d follow you anywhere, train and grow with you but most importantly, I’ll always treat you like you’re S-Class Rank 1. Happy birthday May!”

He ended the message with a super sweet sentiment. “Everyday is a dream with you,” Edward wrote.

Where to find a relationship as cute as this?

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