Elisse Joson Shares Photos Of Dates With McCoy

Elisse Joson and McCoy de Leon has always been low key and private. They have always kept people guessing and wondering what’s the real score, but even though they refuse to give a straight answer, their sweet posts for each other and loving gestures we see when they’re together are enough proof already. Moreover, with that kind of chemistry, we really can’t deny anymore that McLisse is only for the screens. Related: McLisse To Headline First Ever Title Movie

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McCoy also recently shared photos of them together way back 2013. Presumably, the photos were from their Star Magic days. The two met formally and grew closer when they were both housemates in the famous reality show Pinoy Big Brother House. After they exited famous yellow house, they were paired up for different projects together and even endorsements. McCoy reminisced their first meeting on Instagram to greet Elisse on her birthday last week. The Hashtag member captioned it with: “We all start as strangers” September 9 2013 😉 Happy Birthday to you :)”

“We all start as strangers” September 9 2013 😉 Happy Birthday to you 🙂

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Last year, they did one of their biggest projects together as they flew to Turkey for Making MEGA photoshoot, which ultimately brought them even closer together.

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Even though they have been consistent in keeping their personal relationship from the public, Elisse made a bold move as she shared photos of the two of them in their private moments hanging out outside of work. She tweeted: “I don’t want to regret not showing you off to the world. Our dates..” We hope they will keep sharing more photos and moments of them together! Read more: