Erich and Daniel Move On With New Loves?

It looks like Erich Gonzales has moved on from her break-up with ex-boyfriend, Daniel Matsunaga. Erich has been spotted in Japan with Mateo Lorenzo whom she has been rumored to be dating. The photo shows Erich with some friends in Japan. Mateo is the guy with facial hair in the left and the one who looks like a dead ringer for singer, Rico Blanco, as some netizens commented. Mateo is part of the renowned Lorenzo clan that formerly owned the Pancake House group of companies, together with other restaurants like Yellow Cab Pizza, Dencio’s, Teriyaki Boy, among others. Mateo’s grandfather also owned Del Monte Philippines. Interestingly enough, Mateo is the older brother of Basti Lorenzo, the boyfriend of young actress and singer, Claudia Barretto. It is a known fact that Erich is very close to the Barretto family, with her going on trips abroad with them, and always visiting their home. So it’s highly possible that Erich met Mateo through Basti and Claudia. Related: Kris Aquino Defends Erich Gonzales From Bashers

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Was Kris referring to Mateo in her post? Back in early January, Erich’s close friend and ate figure, Kris Aquino, defended her from trolls accusing her of being a mistress or “home wrecker.” Erich had been rumored to be having an affair with Director Paul Soriano whom she worked with in the film, Siargao. Direk Paul is married to actress Toni Gonzaga. Kris defended Erich by saying that Erich has a handsome and very intelligent suitor. “GET A LIFE & GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT! I’m the ninang of Direk Paul & Toni – this #fakenews is just malicious. Direk & Toni are SOLID and happy. Ka text ko si Toni last night, and she thanked me for the block screening,” Kris wrote in her post, defending Erich. She also added: “Erich has a handsome and very intelligent suitor.” Could Kris have been referring to Mateo as Erich’s “handsome and very intelligent suitor”? Kris has said in the block screening for Siargao last year that Erich has a suitor who was visiting her on-set the island of Siargeo itself. The suitor would visit using a private jet. Could this be Mateo? Not ready for love? Erich has said in promotional events for her serye, The Blood Sisters, however, that she still isn’t ready for love. “I’m single but not available. Not ready pa,” she told ABS-CBN in an interview early February. She had said she would rather focus on the blessings she is currently receiving. Aside from The Blood Sisters, Erich also has a movie out right now titled The Significant Other, where she co-stars with Lovi Poe and Tom Rodriguez. “Nag-close nayung chapter nayun,” said Erich to ABS-CBN regarding her past with Daniel. “Wala, tapos nayun talaga. It’s been more than a year na. I just want to focus on the good things, the positive things. Never stop learning talaga. Every day I learn something new,” she said. She was asked however, on what she finds attractive in a man. Are these the things that could’ve attracted her to Mateo? “Super attracted ako sa lalaking malinis sa katawan, may hygiene, ‘yung parang mabango,” she shared. “Mas doon tayo mag-focus sa inside niya. Kasi when you decide na siya nayung taong pakakasalan mo, lahat ng looks, body, lahat mawawala. Ang mag-stay talaga isyung character,” she said. Erich also said that intelligence turned her on. “Intelligent people, kung nae-engage ka sa conversation. And someone talaga who can make you laugh. Siyempre sa trabaho natin, stressed ka and pagod. Sana ‘yung kasama mo mapapasaya ka naman and mapapatawa ka. But more than anything, siguro ‘yung connection talaga. Hindi mo siya kailangan ipilit,” she said. She then emphasized, “In choosing ‘yung next partner ko, kailangan talaga choose wisely. Kailangan gamitin ang utak.” It seems that Erich is playing coy with regards to her love life, or maybe she and Mateo are still in the dating or getting-to-know-you stage, which is why she still says she is single and would rather focus on her career. Anyway, we wish her well and hope she finds the right guy for her.
Happily moved on As for Erich’s ex, Daniel Matsunaga, he has been seeing Polish model, Karolina Pisarek for several months now. The two have been in love since late last year and both of them have been posting photos of their vacations and dates together, such as their vacation in Coron. Daniel met the 20-year-old model and runner-up of Poland’s 2015  American Next Top Model when she became part of an advertising campaign in Manila. Karolina is based in the US. Daniel has said before that he doesn’t mind being in a long-distance relationship. Both constantly post photos of their couple shots together, complete with sweet captions.” “Life brings tears,smiles…and memories.The tears dry, the smiles fade, but the memories with you will last forever. @karolina_pisarek ❤️,” read Daniel’s most recent Instagram post of him and Karolina. Daniel had just visited his girlfriend in her native Poland this February, and the two have many sweet shots of them kissing and frolicking in the snow while enjoying the country. Things could also be leveling up in their relationship, since both have already met each others’ families. Daniel has said in previous interviews that Karolina knows about his past relationships. “She’s aware naman,” he confessed. “She knows naman, not everything, pero for me, I don’t like talking about the past. You live in the present. You live for what you have in the moment and your future. And you pray to God to be in the front of the relationship,” he said. Daniel has said before that he is happiest when he is with Karolina. Daniel said that the qualities he likes the most about his current girlfriend are her beauty and inner qualities. “Lahat, ‘yung beauty, yung inside person niya,” he said.

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