Here Are All the Essentials You Need for the Perfect Summer Getaway

The skies are getting clearer and the sun is shining brighter which can only mean one thing: summer is here! Days of fun, sunny road trips, and enjoying a fresh fruit shake while watching the sunset await us. Summer truly brings the best days which is why it’s everyone’s favorite season.

It’s also time for adventures and picturesque getaways. Get started on having the vacation of a lifetime with these summer essentials:

Flattering swimsuit

When we think of summer, we immediately think of cute swimsuits to strut in and flaunt at the beach. Pick a bikini that flatters your body type and makes sure to go with a smaller size if you’re not sure—remember that swimsuits expand when they’re wet. Take a bright colored number and flaunt it confidently!

Cute pair of shades

Staying out in the sun can do wonders for your tan but not so much for your eyes. Protect them with a cute pair of shades that can go well with your beach babe look. The darker the tint, the better. Find a frame that compliments your face shape and you’re ready to serve looks!

Natural grooming products

Enjoying the wonders of nature doesn’t mean we should ignore it. We also need to take care of it. Tend to your personal hygiene and the environment with products that get are environmentally friendly. Clean your pearly whites with a bamboo toothbrush. Wash your face with cruelty-free products. Stick to sunscreen that doesn’t have zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. This way, you won’t harm the sea creatures while swimming alongside them.

Light and hydrated hair

When it comes to the beach, you can make a statement just with your hair alone. Before stepping out, make sure your hair is completely dry. This will make it resistant to humidity which can cause frizz. Keep it from being sticky in the heat with hydrating shampoos like new Sunsilk Naturals range. Use Coconut Hydration to keep it hydrated even under the sun, or keep your hair fresh and fragrant the whole day with Watermelon Freshness. Go on and flip your hair confidently all summer long!

Have the summer of a lifetime with these sunny day essentials.

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