The Mom That Went Ballistic Over Her Son’s Tattoo Is Literally Every Filipino Mom

“Kayong lahat papatay sakin!” (You’re all going to kill me!) 

Classic Filipino moms, when they’re frustrated, blame their child for their headaches. No matter how ridiculous it may sound.

We’ve heard it all before. “Kaka-kompyuter mo kasi yan!” (It’s because you’re always on the computer!) or “Eto, kutsilyo, magpatayan kayo jan!” (Here, a knife. Kill each other!) These are the most common lines Filipino moms would tell their child.

Enraged Filipino moms have the most intense way of showing they care. It’s pretty much a common thing in all Filipino moms that regardless of where they reside or how modern the times may be, they will always have moments when they act incredibly traditional (and sometimes… ballistic.)

Recently, a video clip went rounds on Twitter about a Filipino-American teenager, telling his mom about a (fake) tattoo on his thigh.

In the Twitter post, he said, “I pranked my mom and told her I got a Filipino flag tattoo on my thigh and she went ballistic  – Filipino mom style.”

If you play the video, you will hear his mom lecturing him about his decision to get a tattoo as they drove to the beach. She was all but amused by his reasons and let out a string of Filipino curse words at her son.

Some Twitter users were able to relate immediately, saying how their moms would have reacted the same way:

If you think 21 missed calls from your mom is scary, try dealing with an angry Filipino mom! Nonetheless, we know they come from a good place and only want the best for us.

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