EXCLUSIVE: Sue Ramirez On Working With Best Friends For PPP Film: "Nakakaloka"

Sue Ramirez, Jameson Blake, and Markus Paterson are headlining the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2018 entry Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wi-Fi  and what made the shooting experience more memorable for the three young actors is that they were able to strengthen their bond given that they are really friends off camera. RELATED: Sue Ramirez Reveals Who She Gets Kilig With Between Jameson Blake and Markus Paterson “It was such a surreal experience especially working with my best friends. It was like a walk in a park. Nahirapan lang kami sa kilig-kiligan kasi Sue is my best friend so it’s kinda like weird but we had to do it. It’s the job,” says Markus. [caption id="attachment_53790" align="alignnone" width="724"]Sue Ramirez Sue Ramirez On Working With Best Friends For PPP Film: “Nakakaloka”[/caption] Jameson chimes in, “When you work with someone you really know, you don’t really have to build up the chemistry. Parang andun na. So kami ni Markus, there was no awkwardness or anything. It was just the being new to acting together in a movie.” He then talks about his leading lady: “Sobrang chill lang. I like Sue. Walang bigat. You won’t really feel pressure or anything. Si Sue is just very laidback lang. We’re just having fun.” [caption id="attachment_53788" align="alignnone" width="724"]Sue Ramirez Sue Ramirez On Working With Best Friends For PPP Film: “Nakakaloka”[/caption] Sue reacts hilariously to working with Markus and Jameson for the first time: “Nakakaloka kasi boyfriend ko dito si Markus eh sobra kaming mag-barkada ni Markus so malaking challenge para sa aming dalawa. Mas madaling mag-go through working hours, pagod, at init kapag magaan ‘yung mga kasama mo eh, kapag nag-e-enjoy ka sa company na meron ka. So sobrang kulitan lang kami talaga. Naging sobrang madaling working place ‘yung set namin kasi happy lang eh. Walang nega.”

In every generation there are a chosen few who are destined for stardom. For some it could be because of their talent, good looks, and natural charm, but for #SueRamirez (@sueannadoodles), #MarkusPaterson (@markus), and #JamesonBlake (@hashtag_jameson), it is all of that and more. These three young actors who happen to be best friends in real life have ticked another dream off of their career bucket lists by starring in the upcoming Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino entry, #AngBabaengAllergicSaWifi, a groundbreaking film with a story that Filipino audiences have never encountered before. Read more on the latest issue of Inside Showbiz Weekly on the Flip100 app @flip100ph Photography by: Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100 (@floydjhocson) Assisted by: Vince Ong (@vinceandrewong), Camille Caderma, and Trish De Lara (@trishaadelara) Art Direction by: Nix Villaruel (@nixvillaruel) Assisted by: Bria Cardenas (@briacardenas) Sittings Editor: Vani Altomonte (@valtomonte) Words by: Rosy Mina (@lookingrosy) Brand Associate: Walter de Jesus (@walterahlen) Publisher: Archie Carrasco (@archiecarrasco) Special Thanks To: Star Magic and IdeaFirst #InsideShowbizLovesSueRamirez #InsideShowbizLovesMarkusPaterson #InsideShowbizLovesJamesonBlake

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