Filipinos Can Produce Marvel-Like Films, But Here’s Why They Wouldn’t

Filipinos patronize international films for their outstanding CGI and amazing stories.

From Marvel Studios, DC Universe, Warner Bros., to Walt Disney films, their remarkable visuals have always been admired worldwide. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, hence Filipinos produce local superhero films and shows that resemble these international films.

However, there have been shortcomings.

It comes to no surprise when Philippine films don’t meet international standards for the quality of videos we produce. For the longest time, people believed that it was because we didn’t have equipment as high-tech as Hollywood’s or talented filmmakers that reach these standards.

But Wonderlast Films, a Filipino startup filmmaking company posted a video on Facebook that netizens found quite impressive and seemed to trump that belief.

Infinity Begins – Morris & Maria

Infinity Begins – Morris & Maria

This might be the most (Insert awesometacular adjectives) wedding film you'll watch today! 🔥🎉🎥💥 A super hero wedding film by Wonderlast Films.Disclaimer: This wedding film was made for a couple who extremely loves the MCU. Made by a bunch of crazy filmmakers who just want to make awesome films. This is for non-commercial use, please don’t sue us. 🙂

Posted by Wonderlast Films on Saturday, 15 September 2018

The wedding video has since gained almost 3 million views on Facebook for its exceptional CGI and quality. But what was even more surprising was that they pointed out how the film was, “made by a bunch of crazy filmmakers who just want to make awesome films. This is for non-commercial use.”

Filipinos react, Victor Magtanggol gets more flak

Filipinos then realized that films like the viral wedding video were possible to do after all–even if you’re in the Philippines. They started lambasting Victor Magtanggol for the visual effects, costume & makeup, and bad story-telling. They even called it a “knock-off” of Marvel’s Thor, but a Facebook user spoke up with a different perspective.

For all the flak that Viktor Magtanggol is getting from netizens, here's the sad true fact about our visual effects team…

Posted by Boy S. Bardagol on Monday, 10 September 2018

In the post, he said that the visual effects team in the Philippines have always had the ability to compete with Hollywood standards. He shares that after meeting an awarded visual effects maker, they talked about how their Superior told them not to show their Hollywood-like work if the pay is low.

According to the post, the lack of manpower, low budget, and poor management of the network can cause these production houses and creative directors who desire to make excellent CGI films to rush their work. Thus resulting in mediocre Filipino television series and films.

So if this is indeed true, until production houses and big networks do not pay reasonably, then Filipinos will never get to watch remarkable films made by talented Filipino filmmakers.

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