5 Times Frankie Pangilinan Proved That Gen Z’s Are Changing The Game

After the release of 18-year-old Frankie Pangilinan’s interview on Tonight With Boy Abunda where she gives insightful opinions on K-Pop and social media in general, many Twitter users have dubbed her as the new Gen Z to ‘stan.’

We totally get why though. Generation Z and Millennials are all about being conscious, self-aware, and authentic. And with her answers to some of Boy Abunda’s most pressing questions, it made us think and re-evaluate some of our perspective on things.

Here are 5 times Frankie Pangilinan proved that Gen Z’s are changing the future of this generation:

1. She’s proud of her tiger stripes

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hi! whenever i post a swimsuit pic it seems to get a little extra attention. i definitely don’t feel comfortable with that when there are so many more important things we should all be discussing, so i decided to mention some here: avoid plastic bottles and straws, recycle if you can’t (like me now abdjhsjahdhs). our farmers deserve better, try and buy from your local farms instead of going through a middle man. vaccinate your kids. register to vote. donate to @wwfphilippines. support local brands like @eighthmermaid (who very kindly gave me this bikini) because colonial mentality is bad enough and it shouldn’t get to ruin our economy. don’t buy skin whitening products. don’t body shame. stay hydrated. be kind. that’s just a few things i believe we should all try to keep in mind 🙇🏻‍♀️ much love always, kakie 💙

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In her interview with Boy Abunda, Frankie Panginilan was asked about the bikini pictures she posted on her Instagram page. She responded simply that it’s an appropriate photo to take when you’re at the beach. She further expounded how these types of photos aren’t supposed to be looked at negatively. People especially girls, just like Frankie, use these photos to feel confident and preach about body positivity. She said, “It’s my body, you know? My tiger stripes and all. They’re all there.”

Frankie also mentioned one of the many stands of this generation which is the control over one’s own body, “If girls can’t feel comfortable in their own body and if girls aren’t allowed to do what they want with their body, then what kind of world am I growing up in?” She decided to use her platform to raise other issues, such as sustainability and buying from local brands.

2. She knows the tea on K-Pop groups

She also delved deeper on her stance regarding the K-Pop industry. She said that she has nothing against K-Pop artists themselves and even pointed out how they’re talented. However, she has hesitations on how poorly Korean artists are treated in the industry. She claims that some managements within the K-Pop industry have been known to underpay and overwork their artists. Being an artist herself, she states, “They should be paid for all of their work, and the image of their bodies should not be as enforced...”

3. She keeps it real

Frankie Pangilinan admits that she is not perfect. Seen in her posts and comments, she tells the public that she still has a long way to go before people should start looking up to her, but she is grateful that people are already doing so. If you scroll through her Twitter and Instagram page, she’s just like any other teen. She fangirls over her love for Formula 1, Harry Styles and tweets about her everyday struggles just like we do. But when it comes to speaking her mind, she doesn’t hesitate to give her two cents.

4. She recognizes her privilege

The daughter of a Megastar and a politician will definitely have its perks, but at the same time, it has insane amounts of pressure. Frankie Pangilinan recognizes both and wants to grow from that by taking matters into her own hands. She made the decision to pursue her college education abroad and she mentioned that she is still very blessed to have an opportunity for a good education.

5. She’s hella talented!

She recently released her single TYL or “tru young lovers” on Spotify.  This is a song she wrote at three in the morning, “armed with nothing but a down-tuned guitar and a semi-broken heart”, that gave the track a raw and slow sound. Ely Buendia, the former frontman of the well-known rock band, Eraserheads, saw her raw talent and produced “TYL”. He played the guitar for the track as well!

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