Being Average Does Not Limit You From Getting Free ‘Quality’ Education

Recently, a tweet has gone viral for its take on “free education.”

In the tweet, the author says that she wants free quality education, however, she also states that she cannot meet the conditions of the “Big 4” universities in our country. Her tweet garnered almost 7,000 retweets and 23,000 likes, hence sparking up a conversation about her struggle of being “average.”

Let’s deconstruct her statement.

Being average does not limit you from getting a free quality education.

Our generation is neck-deep in worry – grades, ranking, exams, and financial woes. Sure, you may not pass UP’s entrance exam or be able to afford DLSU’s tuition fee. But there are more than just four schools in the country that can give you free quality education. State universities, as suggested by the name itself, means that the education is funded by the state. So should there be conditions in these state universities? Yes!

Consider this: there are 112 state colleges and universities covered by the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act signed by President Rodrigo Duterte. And these schools have entrance exams for them to know which students are deserving of what their school can give.

Striving for excellence should still be a trait manifested by all incoming college students. You may not be one of the smartest kids in class, but it doesn’t mean you should settle for ‘average.’ Instead of feeling bad about not getting into a top university, remember that it’s not the name of the school that makes you an excellent student. It’s you.

However, we agree that everyone deserves free education.

At first glance, it appeared like word vomit from a child who didn’t think her words through. Yet, we were pretty sure that she was just trying to get a point across: “free education for all.” There is nothing wrong with her advocacy and it’s something that state scholars, like us, believe in.

The tweet poses the idea that the girl only had four universities in mind. It may have been her dream to get in UP, UST, ADMU, or DLSU. It may also just be a representation of schools and the standards they require before admitting a student. State universities (such as UP) require high intellect. Private universities require a financial capability to afford their fees. We realize the privilege that comes with studying in a good university.

So even if everybody has a right to free quality education, not everybody gets it. Because the Philippines lack the proper resources (hello, debt) and access are limited to those who have the brains and/or the money.

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