Fans Are Worried That Game of Thrones Is Not Living Up To Its Standards For The Final Season

Game of Thrones is now considered a pop culture phenomenon for their millions of fans.

It never fails to get viral reactions with every premiere because of their massive following. In fact, over the course of eight years, the production got bigger, surpassing the amount of work, visuals, and props that a typical series ever had to make. The stunning production makes Game of Thrones comparable to a box-office movie.

However, season eight has not been getting the same warm response as it did in the past seasons.

Critics of the show say that this season has bad writing for ruining the iconic characters’ arcs. The audience also pointed out the dark lighting during the “Battle at Winterfell”, and the cherry on top is the coffee cup making an appearance in one of its scenes in the latest episode.

Now, with only six episodes left to end the whole series off, viewers and fans have expressed their concern about the ending since the first four episodes have been poorly executed. They find these slip-ups too far out from the epic story-telling that Game of Thrones used to pride itself in.

Here are the scenes from Game of Thrones Season 8 that greatly disappointed the fans:

1. Jon and Dany scene during the “Winterfell” episode

In this episode, they finally show how Rhaegal accepts Jon as his rider, but this was not given justice because of the odd timing of the scene. It quickly turned it into a cringe-fest for looking like the magic carpet ride from “Aladdin.”

2. “The Long Night”

The characters at Winterfell finally face the army of the dead. Not only was the episode criticized for being too visually dark to enjoy, but the death of the Night King was underwhelming. It missed out on the opportunity to follow the books wherein the Night King can only be killed through the same ritual that made him who he is.

3. The ‘Starbucks’ Cup

The series was often applauded for the amount of effort that goes into their set, props, and landscapes compared to any other production. It truly makes the world of Game of Thrones seem real. However, this tiny detail of leaving a noticeable coffee cup on the table during the episode ruined that. After the backlash that the coffee cup got, it was quickly edited out.

But the fans remain hopeful. After all, there are a few more episodes for Game of Thrones left that could potentially give what the viewers want to see for the finale.

Moreover, the show won’t ever truly be #cancelledt to us–no matter how Game of Thrones ends. This is the best era for pop culture and Game of Thrones is a major contributor to that. It will always be remembered for the story that has affected lives and brought together fans all over the world.