People Are Still Blaming The 15-Year-Old Filipina For Getting Gang Raped

It’s starting to seem like victim blaming is becoming part of Filipino culture.

Recently, there has been an explicit video of four grade 12 boys gang raping a 15-year old girl from Tarlac. Some accounts say that they have been drinking before the incident. Some say that they had been under the influence of drugs. Whatever the reason may be behind this heinous crime, to have this happen to someone so young, and have its video recording spread online is unjustifiable.

It doesn’t stop there. With the video becoming viral and passed around, the persistence of other people to ask for the link to the video makes everything worse. The replies to those posts are evidence enough of such degradation.

It belittles the gravity of the crime, and the pain that the victim had to endure. To make a joke out of a painful and traumatic experience is telling of how one sees the other–inhumane.

Some people also share their own sentiments that further propagate this mentality of victim blaming.

Victim blaming is still very much prevalent among us Filipinos. The responsibility is always put on the victim as if it’s their decision that the situation had happened. Tweets with such sentiments further explains that the 15-year old girl has partial responsibility for the trauma she went through. She had consumed so much alcohol, or any substance of the like, that she had become pliable to coerce into such actions. Thus, with her decision to drink that much, she was basically opening herself up to gang rape.

However, substance abuse is not the issue that we should be looking at in this discussion.

There are so much more people drinking alcohol to the point of blacking out. I, myself, have experienced this. However, alcohol, or any intoxicating substance, is not the cause behind rape. Rapists cause rape. It’s the complete lack of self-control and the desire to assert dominance over the other that cause rape. It has nothing to do with the clothes we wear, seemingly flirty and inviting words uttered, or even nudity. If a person says ‘no’ and does not consent to engage in any sort of sexual activity, then you should stop.

Especially in this victim’s case who is only fifteen years old. The perpetrators, who are yet to be officially identified, are also of the same age range, if not the same. To take advantage of someone’s innocence and vulnerability isn’t something that happens just because of alcohol. To insert objects such as bottles and even a knife into the girl’s anus sounds like a scene that would appear in a horror/gore movie. But, it’s real. It’s degrading and it’s inhumane. 

As mentioned, rape is caused by none other than the rapists themselves. If they had the decency and respect, the incident wouldn’t have happened regardless of whether or not they were drunk. But they didn’t. Preventing rape doesn’t and should not start with girls and boys changing their clothes or being paranoid. Prevention should start with educating everyone that rape is not right, and will never be.

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