Which Of These Goyo Baes Will Fall In Love With You?

If you have seen Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral in cinemas, then you would understand why everyone is gushing!

These “Goyo Baes” are all over social media right now! Paulo Avelino, Carlo Aquino, Arron Villaflor, and Rafa Siguion-Reyna really stole the spotlight for their charming good looks and the amazing delivery of their characters!

While you may have your eyes on a specific Goyo Bae already, have you ever wondered if they had their eyes on you? Which brings us to the next question… Which of them would fall in love with you?

Take the quiz and find out!


Your ideal boyfriend should be...

What's your ideal date?

You're usually drawn to...

What would you like to do on a Saturday night?

Biggest turn-off?

Biggest turn-on?

Which Goyo Bae Will Fall In Love With You?

You got Goyo! He loves a good challenge, especially winning over a girl who doesn't trust men easily. Still, underneath your hard exterior, he sees a simple girl who just wants a genuine love. Even though he's everyone's favorite bae because of his sweet-talker skills, flowery words, and irresistible charm, you're his ONLY favorite girl.

You got Joven! He's the kind of guy who loves a good, meaningful conversation. At first, he's kind of shy and subtle, but you can bring out the best in him! You're the kind of girl that he likes because you don't back down from a meaningful argument and you understand him for being an introvert. You both love being lowkey in a relationship and that makes you perfect for him.

You got Julian! You're both outgoing and adventurous, which means he can keep up with your energy and match it with his own. He finds your daring personality a turn-on, so you're the kind of girl that motivates him to keep going.

You got Vicente! Even though he's usually overshadowed by his BFF, you were able to spot him. He appreciates someone who is as mature and rational as him, but has a funny side too. You're not looking for a good time, you need someone who will actually treat you right. No games whatsoever. Vicente is your kind of guy and you're his kind of bae!

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