These Throwback Grade 3 Memes Will Have You Wheezing From Laughter

Remember when some of the corniest jokes could bring us so much joy?

Filipinos sure know how to make an unfunny joke obnoxiously funny! We’re convinced that nothing is as funny as Filipino meme culture.

We don’t know who started this nostalgic trend, but one thing’s for certain: it brought us to a time when we were sat in class, exchanging banters with our old frenemies in elementary.

So let’s look back at our grade school memories with 10 of the most relatable “Grade 3 memes” viral on social media:

1. Sinong Kit?

checkmate siya eh-istarbuy

Posted by Kampon ni locifer at divel on Wednesday, 14 March 2018

2. Feather!

3. Happy Birthday to you


5. When your Math teacher calls you for recitation

6. Uto uto!

7. Knock knock!

8. I can even hear it being said

9. Macapagal



Posted by Rambol Pogi on Wednesday, 14 March 2018

This bonus that literally gets to us every. single. time.

sige ha? ano papalag ka?/ s a u c e /: Roper Jojo Domingo

Posted by Nasusunog na yung sinaing ko on Tuesday, 13 March 2018

We remember it like yesterday

Maybe some of these memes reminded you of a specific person who used to crack all these jokes. In fact, maybe you were the one pulling all these jokes on your classmates!

Gone were the simpler days that we miss dearly. Because now that we’re getting older and times are getting tougher, there are other things that stress us out more than petty jokes.

Perhaps it’s the fact that we’re seeing how shallow we used to be – or the realization that it’s been years since we’ve heard these jokes that make these memes painstakingly funny. Either way, we’re sure you’ve heard these jokes before too!

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