Guess What Liza Soberano & Anne Curtis Have in Common?

Liza Soberano and Anne Curtis are both stunning and talented, but not everyone knows that these two have a unique thing in common—they’re obsessed with grocery shopping.

New year, new age…remember to take moments to breathe, to be grateful and to just be. There will be moments when it’s really good and times when you will face adversity and difficulties. Remember that it will pass. Always work on yourself and continue to grow. Take care of yourself and always be committed to that. It’s been 13-15 years and i can only remember 2-3 times I’ve been sick with just a mild cold. I know it was because I made myself sick with stress. So I wish the same health for you as you get older. It’s worth it to take care of yourself. Nourish your spirit every single day. I love you. 🌟 This was a message to me from my aunty and I just thought i should share it with everybody else. Have a great day guys!!! 💕

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Anne recently tweeted how much she loves and enjoys strolling around a supermarket and going down every single aisle even without getting anything in each section. “Doing my own groceries is definitely one of my simple joys. I love going down each and every aisle. Kahit wala akong kailangan sa aisle na ‘yun,” she said. Liza replied to Anne’s tweet and said, “I feel you hehe.” Her reply fascinates the netizens and made them admire her and Anne even more for proudly sharing their favorite chores regardless of their celebrity status. They might be rich and famous, but sometimes showbiz superstars like them want to go about their day like ordinary people. Might as well start doing your own grocery shopping this year, you’ll never know who you might bump into. Read more: