This Six-Second Teaser of Zendaya’s New HBO Show Issa Mood

HBO just released a new trailer of upcoming shows in 2019 and one of them is Euphoria, starring Zendaya.

The whole clip got us like:

Give us a warning next time, HBO!

We’re not complaining, though. HBO gave us a first look on their 2019 shows during the Golden Globe Awards and it’s exciting AF! Along with Game of Thrones and Watchmen, Euphoria is something we’re looking forward to watching this year.

Though the clip for Euphoria only lasted six seconds, I’ve probably watched it more than a hundred times already.

In the first few seconds of Euphoria, a blonde girl enters the door of a crazy house party. Then the clip jumps to Zendaya and she says:

“This is the feeling I’ve been searching for my entire life.”

Could this be a scene where she tries to cover up her eyes because she’s high? Hmmm.

Zendaya is definitely coming for our wigs this 2019. But while there are only a few glimpses of what Euphoria could be about, it’s clear that it’s going to be far from the roles Zendaya had in Disney.

Based on the popular Israeli show, HBO is giving us a version of Euphoria with a promising cast and crew. This includes Jacob Elordi from Kissing Booth and Storm Reid from A Wrinkle In Time. Drake is producing the show while Sam Levinson, the director and writer of Assassination Nation, is credited as the creator of this American version.

Though the Israeli show is inspired by real events, like the murder of Ra’anan Levy, this American version will focus on Zendaya’s character, Rue, who’s described as a “lying, drug-addicted 17-year-old” that will be narrating the story.

Are we expecting Skins meets The End of the F***ing World? Share this post with your thoughts on Euphoria!

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