This Photo Booth Prints Moving Images And Here’s How You Can Get Them For An Event

After being introduced in the Philippines for only several weeks, the Holo Foto has become one of the trendiest event must-haves. You might have seen it on social media since a lot of celebrities and influencers have been posting about it. Besides, how can you resist not sharing something so cool?

Back to the future with Holo Foto

It’s the 90’s vibe-offers-nostalgia. But since it functions as a holographic moving image, it’s futuristic as well! Not only is it shareable on social media, but it’s also a pretty cool souvenir for guests to keep.

Check out Anne Curtis and Maine Mendoza showing their Holo Foto!

The award-winning team behind 360 Selfie and GlamShot, Waveplay Interactive has shaken the events industry.

We asked Waveplay Interactive CEO Sharon Yu Ong, how they came up with this unique idea. She says, “When we were brainstorming about our next concept, we wanted it to be very hip, something the millennial market would instantly love. Holo Foto was inspired by the 90s comeback married with the instant Polaroid experience.”

What do you think? Let us know! Hurry and get your hands on the limited edition Holo Foto!

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