Gary Valenciano Shares Inspiring Story After Surviving Cancer

Everyone knows Gary Valenciano as “Mr. Pure Energy” for his exceptional and incredible performances over the years. This year Gary V celebrated his 35th year in the showbiz industry with an outstanding performance on ASAP. After the performance, the actor felt severe pain in his chest which he assumed as something serious. RELATED: ‘Gary V. Presents’ identifies future OPM hitmakers As a result, Mr. Valenciano decided to have it checked up. Consequently, this is where he learned that he will be needing open-heart surgery. The findings showed a 95-percent blockage in the main artery of the actor’s heart. This blockage is called “The Widow Maker” – usually common in males and is extremely fatal. After undergoing some needed preparations, the actor then went for the surgical operation and thankfully, it was successful. Mr. Valenciano has diabetes. As such, the doctors were worried about his recovery. However, the actor’s body healed well and everything turned out fine.

Though he was recovering well after the surgery, soon after he felt pain in his lower back. At first, the doctors diagnosed that the pain was “simply muscular.” Shockingly, it was not simply muscular pain. The doctors found out that Mr. Valenciano had a six-centimeter tumor attached to his kidney. And on top of that, it was malignant. The performer and his whole family were in shock. They couldn’t believe that something as difficult as this would happen. However, it was a challenge the family boldly faced. The actor immediately went for another surgery once again. In the middle of the operation, the doctors found out that the tumor was extractable. Thankfully, the tumor didn’t spread further inside the actor’s body. Meaning, the doctors could take out the entire tumor and Mr. Valenciano would be cancer-free. Meanwhile, the actor is now recovering and cancer-free. Mr. Pure Energy even posted a video him doing bicycle workouts to gain more strength. Mr. Valenciano responded to messages of his fans and friends via Twitter to assure them that he is now well and will be back in the spotlight soon! What do you think about Mr. Pure Energy’s inspiring story? Let us know in the comments below! Read more: