Ion Perez Proudly Declares His Love For Vice Ganda

It looks like Ion Perez and Vice Ganda are getting more and more comfortable with expressing their love for each other! The rumoured boyfriend of Vice had no qualms with saying that he loves Vice at a concert.
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During Vice Ganda’s Ang Fantastic Concert ng Vaklang Twoooh held at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temeluca, California last May 4 , Ion Perez proudly said that he loves the comedian.
Ion Perez
In one segment of the concert, an audience member was asked to come up on stage for a quick banter with the hosts which included Ion Perez. Another audience member was able to document the exchange on video and uploaded it on Twitter.
The video starts with the audience member saying, “I love Vice Ganda! I wear her makeup.” Ion then butts in and says, “Me too! Me too! Me too!” The other host clarified, “You love?” To which Ion answered, “I love Vice Ganda!”

We’re so kilig!
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