IV of Spades Hold Their First Big Listening Party For Their Album, ‘CLAPCLAPCLAP’

The lights go out. You’re standing amidst a sea of people who share the same love as you; they know every word to every song. The drum starts beating and the people start to roar. And then the applause echoes through the room, cheering for the band that you, and every other person in that room, came to see.

As for the musicians standing opposite to the crowd? Their favorite sound is you, clapping.


IV of Spades held their first big listening party for their album called, ‘CLAPCLAPCLAP’ last Monday, March 25, at Teatrino Concert Hall in Greenhills.

From the holding room before the show started, Zild Benitez, the lead vocalist of IV of Spades, nervously shrank in his seat and said, “kinakabahan ako.” (I’m nervous.)

One would think that as a band who soared high in the charts and became known all over the country for their successful songs, applause would be guaranteed. But the pressure was high for the rock trio as they performed most of the songs in their first album without former bandmate and frontman, Unique Salonga.

“If the pressure is high, it means people are listening,” Blaster Silonga, the lead guitarist said.

Finding their identity

Living up to the OPM legends such as Eraserheads and Rivermaya, establishing their identity as a band proves to be a challenge. One, because people already doubt them before even listening to them. And two, because they’re only just starting.

From their songs’ versatility in the new album, it’s clear that they’re still trying to experiment with their sound. “Yung first album namin, compilation siya ng first songs namin pati yung mga pinagdaanan namin last year. Pero willing kami mag explore pa.” (Our first album is a compilation of our first songs and our journey last year. But we’re willing to explore more.)

CLAPCLAPCLAP is the product of their sleepless nights and anxious mornings. As IV of Spades continue to take the future by storm, they plan to focus on their music this year and solidify their sound.

Featured art photo by Shaira Luna