Are James Reid and Nadine Lustre Sick of Bashers?

Two of today's most sensational personalities James Reid and Nadine Lustre are the favorite subjects of bashers, trolls, and false writers. This is the consequence that superstars like them have to face in almost everyday of their lives. But since they’ve been in show business for almost four years now, James and Nadine become more resilient and can now able to withstand any negativities and issues thrown at them. Related: JaDine Proves Real-Life Romance is Possible in Showbiz


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They may look nonchalant most of the time, but the couple knows when to speak up. Unlike any other stars their age who just normally ignore negative issues, JaDine is known for calling out netizens who are crossing the line. Just last year, James called out a netizen who accused him for being an irresponsible boyfriend to Nadine. “[James] doesn’t care at all [about] the foul words being hurled at Nadine [on social media]. He’s trying to prove that he really is careless and will live with that word forever ‘coz as we all know, he labelled his first love ‘CARELESS MUSIC.’ Just accept it. We can’t do anything but watch out what he’ll do next with his second love, third love, and other love of his life and all the vices he love doing most!” said one girl with an Instagram handle @luwsvee.gerg. The assumptive and rude comment obviously got into James’ nerves and made him answer back. “You sound crazy. You have no idea how strong Nadine is. It takes more than some foul words to bring her down. Careless is an inside joke and has a completely different meaning that you obviously don’t understand,” he said. James continued by saying that he doesn’t easily get affected by people who are trying to bring him down, “Say what you want… one day I’ll turn those bashers into lovers and if I can’t then I feel sorry for them. Focus on the love.”
Nadine, on the other hand, is equally fearless and loves teaching bullies a lesson. She’s a #Savage actress as how her fans call her.  She’s actually more outspoken than James. “You can’t please everyone. So why would I let this person affect me eh alam ko naman na hindi ko puwedeng i-please ang lahat ng tao? Meron at meron talagang magsasabi ng negative about you,” said Nadine in one of her interviews last year about bashers. Related: Nadine Lustre Posts Cryptic Message On Instagram This 2018, the real-life couple remains sturdy. In a recent press conference of their upcoming concert Revolution: The JaDine Concert, James was asked once again about the detractors. “We don’t really listen. We don’t mind bashers at all,” he bluntly said. “We’re so past that stuff. Yes, very strong.” As for the status of their relationship, James assured that they’re getting stronger than ever, especially now that their families are having a harmonious relationship. “We’re definitely more comfortable now, especially this time,” he said. Despite being all out to their fans, James still wishes for people to respect their privacy as a couple. He wants them to have private moments together away from the eyes of the public and live like a normal couple. “We’d like to keep that to ourselves because we’ve given so much to everyone else, so we’d like to keep that a little bit of privacy to ourselves,” he said.

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James also noted that he and Nadine are planning to ‘branch out’ and discover their hidden potentials individually and not as a love team. “I think it’s really time to just do our own thing ‘coz we’ve grown so much as a love team, but we know we have or can do so much more and we wanna show to people that we can really branch out and stand alone,” he declared. Read more: