James Reid and Daniel Padilla To Work Together For The First Time

Aside from their charming good looks and being two of the biggest celebrities in the country, James Reid and Daniel Padilla now have one more thing in common: they are working on the same project!

Double Trouble

There’s no denying that these two celebrities are this generation’s most prominent young stars. They both successfully conquered the entertainment industry since they started in 2010, whether it’s through doing dramas on television, being box office hits with their films, or filling up venues for their concerts. While the two have always worked on separate projects, their die-hard fans can’t help but make comparisons or pit them against each other. But regardless of their differences, the two actors are setting that difference aside to work on their first-ever project together, “Doble Hataw“.

The biggest project yet

During an interview with the two actors, Daniel said, “Napakaganda ng project na to, bagay na bagay sa amin ni James. Sino ba mag-aakala na gagawa kami ng project together?” (This project is going to be really good. It really fits James and I. Who would have thought that we would work on a project together?) “We’re making history so it’s really something to watch out for. Double the action, double the stars and double the thrill,” said James. Sigh. We remember the days when we only wished that these two dreamboats would be on the same screen. Now, it’s finally happening!

Can you guess what James and Daniel’s project is for?

Checkout a snippet of the interview below: 

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