Janella Salvador Joins Maxene Magalona's Bridal Shower

Amidst the on-going conflict with her mother, young actress Janella Salvador seemed to have found a new family in the Magalonas. Janella was recently spotted in Maxene Magalona‘s recently-concluded bridal shower along with her rumored boyfriend’s mother, Pia Magalona. Does this confirm they’re together now? Related: LOOK: Janella Salvador’s Cute Twitter Exchange With Elmo’s Sister, Saab Magalona Held in Tiffany & Co., Maxene celebrated her upcoming wedding to fiancé Rob Mananquil and gathered a few select friends which includes Janella. This was a pleasant surprise to ElNella fans, especially no one expected that Janella already has a deep bond and friendship with Maxene. Take a look at some photos from the bridal shower:

Here’s to hoping that we’ll see more of Janella in Magalona’s family affairs! Read more: