Janella Salvador Shows How To Look Powerful In These Striking Colors

If there’s one important thing we learned from the MEGA Associate Editor, Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena during his fashion talk at the #MegxLoveByBayo event, it’s that fashion is supposed to make you feel good.

All the fashion rules don’t matter if you aren’t having fun with it. In the age where it’s so easy to get exposed to hate and unrealistic body standards, we tend to let the negativity and pressure consume us.

Even the most beautiful celebrities, like Janella Salvador, has been a victim of self-doubt and the need to be perfect.

“There was a time where I felt like there were so many other girls out there and sometimes I would feel pressured cause what if they replace me? What if they find someone better?”

However, Janella shares that only recently, she has learned to stop comparing herself with other beautiful women and just focus on herself.

“I was reflecting and I said to myself: ‘that’s exactly why we have women empowerment. Because we have to celebrate our individualities. We all have our different strengths and weaknesses. When we end up comparing ourselves to others, that’s when we make ourselves feel low.'”

Janella welcomes everyone at the #MegxLoveByBayo shopping event.

Growing up, Janella recalls being a shy and awkward person. But with a mom who exposed her to showbiz, she shined through and broke out of her shell. Her first major project, ‘Be Careful With My Heart,’ is something she still looks back on with a fond smile to this day.

“I never thought I would end up being in the business because I was shy. It came as a surprise when I got into my first show, Be Careful With My Heart.”

Janella Salvador has had many successes in her career since that show. She has starred in several Filipino teleseryes and movies that kicked off her career. Even shining through her passion for music as she sang for Disney’s ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana.

On looking confident

“Women are mostly criticized for their looks. I’m not saying men aren’t, but mostly women. Especially when they’re curvy or if they gain weight – we’re all very conscious about how we look.” Janella says before politely declining the sweets from the fancy cartel inside the Bayo store. “I’m on a keto diet,” she explains. We then go into this conversation of how ketosis works; the body reaches that state when you feed it lots of fats and fewer carbs, the body then burns the fats and you will lose weight.

“I easily gain weight, and in this business, I have to maintain a certain look. I don’t [starve myself], that’s why I’m on keto!”

‘Loving yourself never goes out of style’

At the launch of Love by Bayo’s collection, where they embrace the movement of loving your curves, Janella is the perfect person that advocates self-love. She sports the full bright and striking collection at Meg’s photo vignette.

As Janella said, it all comes down to ‘what will make you feel good about yourself. How you want to present yourself.’

Watch the event highlights here!

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