Jessica Yang: Is Being Uncool The New Cool?

In an age where social media is the major factor in defining oneself, sometimes we get caught up with the numbers.

The likes, the retweets, our ratings on social media – it all matters to us. The validation that we get from those numbers consume us to the point that we forget about what makes us happy. We strive so hard to be that perfect five-star, that we lose ourselves along the way.

But not Jessica Yang.

Rated One Star

Jessica is a model, an illustrator, and a recording artist. Now, she’s one of the fresh new faces of Converse #RatedOneStar collectives.

But before she made her name in the industry, she admits to wanting to fit in too.

“I always tried to do my best to fit in society. I [wanted to] get good grades in school, be the perfect role model to my brother, and follow the path that my parents prepared,” she said in an exclusive interview with MEG. “But being the perfect five star is tiring and completely boring. That’s when I realized that I don’t want a life my parents expect me to have.”

Celebrate Individuality

Gone should be the days where the opinion of people matter to us. In our generation, being original and unique makes us stand out more – even if it means we’re “uncool.”

“For me, being rated one star is much cooler. Plus, I’m always in the indie scene. Being yourself and owning it is the coolest thing ever,” Jessica said. “I just want to be who I am. That’s what #ratedonestar is. Be true to yourself and live your life confidently without worrying about judgments.”

Converse #ratedonestar celebrates the individuality of everyone. Like Jessica Yang, she doesn’t let what people think get the best of her. She doesn’t follow the trend, or do what other people do to feel accepted.

“I am my own role model. I wake up every day and just be me. If the brand wants someone like me, they can only look for me.”

Way to build a brand for yourself, Jessica! Spoken like a true #ratedonestar collective.