Jim Paredes Retracts Denial On Video Scandal; Admits Validity

Jim Paredes has retracted his denial on being the subject of a video scandal that went viral and admits that it is indeed him in the said video. The APO Hiking Society band member has also released a public statement on the now viral video. RELATED: Loisa Andalio Stays Positive Amidst Alleged Scandal Jim Paredes found himself in the middle of controversy early this week due to a video of a screen recording of him pleasing himself whilst talking to someone via video call. Jim first denied the allegations that he is the one in the video via a reply to a netizen’s inquiry. Jim Paredes Just a day after his denial, Jim took it back and admitted that he is indeed the one in the said video. The musician also released a statement following his admission. Jim Paredes We admire Jim for being forthcoming with his mistakes. Indeed, no one is perfect so we should always think twice before we judge anyone. Read more: