EXCLUSIVE: YouTube Sensation, Johnny Orlando Talks About Filipino Fans And Upcoming EP

Johnny Orlando is the rising star you will need to look out for. He is taking over social media as the forefront of a new generation of Canadian musicians – and he’s only 15 years old!

But Johnny is only getting started. He has over 16 million fans all over social media and notable award nominations, including 2018 Kids’ Choice Awards nominee for Favorite Musical YouTube Creator and 2017 Favorite Viral Music Artist. More recently, Johnny got nominated for an MMVA for Best New Canadian Artist!

With his recent signing by Universal Music Canada and a world tour awaiting him, there’s a lot more in store for his fans this year! From his upcoming EP to his sold out shows in London, Dublin, Utrecht, Cologne, Vienna, New York, Dallas, and Houston.

Even the Philippines has seemingly caught on to Johnny’s talent. Because his song, “What If” with Mackenzie Ziegler went into the Top 10 on Spotify Philippines’ Viral 50!

So if you’re thinking of stanning him now, here are a few things you need to know about Johnny Orlando:

Just a few days ago, we got to talk to Johnny Orlando himself and he shared his journey to becoming a YouTube sensation

Social media has played the biggest part on his road to fame. In this day and age, discovering new talents is as easy as a tap on the phone. Gone were the days that sharing music was impossible without a label or a manager. Before he was signed to Universal Music Canada, Johnny made his career solely out of the support of his dad and sister. Seven years ago, Johnny had no idea that an uploaded cover of Mistletoe by fellow Canadian pop star, Justin Bieber, would help him grow his music career. American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, noticed the YouTube video and it was then entered into a Bieber competition.

“I didn’t win,” Johnny laughed. “But I came pretty close. As a result, the video got a lot of views. Which was really cool. It was one of the first videos that got a million views. I didn’t know what I was getting into at first. I just thought my grandparents and friends watched the video. A week later, I got a thousand views and I was like, ‘Oh wait. I don’t know a thousand people.’ So it was kinda weird to me at that time. But after a while, it was pretty much only strangers looking at my videos and they outnumbered my actual friends and family. So, I just started making videos for the fans.”

Johnny was also quick to point out that his relationship with his family was the most crucial part of his success

His dad-slash-manager, Dave Orlando, goes with him to all his shows. While his sister, Darian, would manage his social media pages.

“My family is literally everything to me. They helped me with pretty much everything. They’re basically a part of the business. We’re definitely close and we obviously argue sometimes, but we’re family.”

Johnny’s music has reached countries all over the globe, including the Philippines.

“One thing that’s also really cool with social media is that I am able to talk to people all around the world. It’s not like before where I can only talk to people in North America or people that I know or people I meet in person. Because I’ve never been to the Philippines before, I wouldn’t have been able to talk to my Filipino fans, but now I can which is really cool. And I’ve also seen super nice vlogs! It’s fun talking to them!”

When asked if there was a possibility for him to visit his Filipino fans, he said:

“Of course, yeah! If the EP does well in the Philippines and people want me to come and do the show and meet them, then absolutely!”

Johnny also gave us a little information about his upcoming EP coming later this year. “It’s kinda Pop with an RnB feel, it’s the music that I like,” he said. “Every single song was a joint effort of my sister, the writer, and I.”

Finally, he has a word of advice for the aspiring music artists that want to make it in the music industry…

“[Going viral] is something that people aren’t really prepared for. You still have to work super hard even after you get discovered.”