JoshLia Announces New Movie This 2018

Despite being a relatively new love team, the tandem of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto have been setting the bar high for fellow love teams of their generation as they are set to star in another movie this 2018. After capturing the hearts of everyone for the first time in Vince, Kath and James, breaking box office records with their most well-received movie so far, Love You To The Stars and Back and then joining veteran actors Sharon Cuneta and Robin Padilla for Unexpectedly Yours, Joshua and Julia announced that they’re set to do another movie for summer of this year. Related: JoshLia’s Love You To The Stars and Back Ready To Stream on iFlix

Happiness is a choice, and this is mine.

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Feeling Good

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No one has a heart like yours. They can’t put a good man down.

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In an Instagram story, Julia and Joshua, along with their life-sized cardboad cutouts announced: “Hi guys! Abangan niyo ang JoshLia movie 2018!” The announcement naturally made their legions of fans excited and started the hashtag #JoshLiaMovie2018. What do you think will their upcoming movie be about? Read more: