Everyone’s Childhood Fave ‘Blue’s Clues’ Just Got More Familiar With Its New Host!

Do you remember how life felt so easy: circa 2005, coming home from a half-day class in preschool and watching Blue’s Clues? Now, our childhood fave is getting a reboot still on Nick Jr.!

After 12 years of missing our adorable friend Blue, Blue’s Clues is on its way back to our TV screens to begin their production after the 5-month search for a new host. After Steve and Joe, Filipino-American Broadway actor Joshua Dela Cruz (spotted: very Pinoy surname) will join us look for Blue’s hidden clues!

Joshua Dela Cruz was once part of the hit Broadway musical Aladdin as the understudy for Aladdin and was with the ensemble cast. He also appeared in the American TV series Time After Time and Bull. This time, Joshua will be a TV regular for Nick Jr.

According to Steve himself, who was present in the search, “Josh can definitely fill my shoes and the rugby shirt.” Meanwhile, Shelly Sumpter Gillyard, executive vice president of talent, music, and events at Nickelodeon Group,  said the search for Blue’s next companion was no easy task, “we knew as soon as we met Josh that he was a perfect choice,” she added.

While as for us, Filipinos, it’s a delight to see a host who looks like us!

Blue’s Clues becomes more inclusive with its new title.

A reboot would not be complete without a title revamp. Nickelodeon retitled the TV show to Blue’s Clues & You. What could this mean for Joshua and the viewers? We’ll find out soon as 20 new episodes of Blue’s Clues & You will premiere on Nick Jr. and production will begin this September.

Joshua said he is also excited about the handy-dandy notebook. “What they’re gonna do with it excited me very much! Because the notebook will be back but it may not be the way that you remember!” Do you think the notebook will be digital? Could it be a not-so-handy-dandy iPad?

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