LOOK: Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto's Sweet Candlelit Dinner

Breakthrough love team and rumored young couple Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto shared their sweet candlelit dinner last night through their Instagram posts. The couple who first worked together in the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival entry Vince, Kath, and James has solidified as one of the country’s most admired love team and real life couple. Although their pairing in their first movie was an unexpected bold move, a lot of people saw the chemistry and the sparks between the two young celebrities.


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  Their second movie offering from Star Cinema, Love You To The Stars And Back made the two even closer and gave them the spotlight to shine as one of the rising young love teams of the generation. Along the way, Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto spent more time together and eventually fell in love. Although they still haven’t confirmed the status of their relationship, it’s pretty clear that the two are enjoying each other’s company. Related: JoshLia Announces New Movie This 2018 In an Instagram post, Julia posted a candid photo of Joshua during their romantic date. The young actress wrote: “This is him happily telling me that he has a strong core but has no abs. He looked so happy, I couldn’t help but take a photo. I missed this guy.”
Meanwhile, Joshua took it to his Instagram story to snap a memory of his beautiful date.

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