Julia Barretto’s Acting Prowess Shine in ‘Between Maybes’

A pairing between Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson is something no one expected, but something that perfectly works in all ways. In Between Maybes, Hazel (Barretto) is an actress in the Philippines who needed an escape from her deranged life and career. After having a heart-wrenching fight with her parents, Hazel was determined to leave it all.

Without any plans, she finds herself in a flight to Saga, Japan. Not knowing that in this spontaneous trip, she will meet a kindred soul bound to change her life. Louie (Anderson), meanwhile, was already contented living as a blue-collar immigrant in Japan—until he met Hazel.

Julia Barretto

Written and directed by the award-winning Jason Paul Laxamana, there is so much to adore about Between Maybes. With its compelling plot and intricately-written screenplay, the film perfectly portrays how a brief time with a kindred spirit can matter much to someone.

The special connection between the two characters was well-established and convincing, thanks to Anderson and Barretto’s natural chemistry. The dialogue was melancholic and relatable with the lead stars’ genuine delivery of each line. The film’s intimate and silent moments were also just as precious.

With the breathtaking locations in Saga, Japan made more scenic by Carlos Mauricio’s cinematography, it was a treat to witness the two characters find comfort in each other at a place far from home and at a low point of their lives.

The dramatic moments of the film were strengthened by a tuneful sound arrangement that includes Mahalaga by Trisha Denise and Acel’s rendition of Your Universe.

We couldn’t imagine a more perfect Hazel and Louie. We dare say that it was Julia Barretto who shined brightest in this film. The 22-year-old actress masterfully portrayed Hazel’s complexities, struggles, and quirks with her deep understanding of the character.

Some say that you meet a person for two possible reasons. Sometimes, you meet a person and they’re destined to stay with you for a long time. But oftentimes, you chance upon someone just so they could teach you a valuable lesson in life. And no matter how strong the connection is, all you can hope for is that the stars align for your paths to cross again.

Is the once-in-a-lifetime kind of connection between Hazel and Louie for the long run? Or is it just a fleeting but beautiful moment?

Between Maybes is showing in cinemas on May 15.