BRB, Crying. Justin Bieber Serenades His Wife Hailey Baldwin In London

First things first: Let’s all bid goodbye to our Mrs. Bieber dreams.

Alec Baldwin confirmed that his niece, Hailey is married to fiance, Justin Bieber! Turns out, all the rumors over the weekend might just be true: that the two got hitched secretly in New York!

“They just went off and got married,” said Alec in an interview with Access at the Emmy red carpet.

Around the same time as that interview, the newlyweds were seen roaming around the streets of London. They were sightseeing and cuddling in public after Hailey’s gig at the Falcon Catwalk Show for Adidas.

PDA much?

meg pda justin and hailey

Not only that, but JBiebs is back to busking! He serenaded Hailey (and all other super lucky passersby) in front of the Buckingham Palace with an acoustic guitar.

And just to tell everyone that he truly loves Hailey, he sang a cheesy song for her!

Justin did: THAT.

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