Kean Cipriano Celebrates O/C Records’ First Year at Fete De La Musique 2019

It has been over a year since Kean Cipriano branched out to producing music by putting up his own record label company called O/C Records. In a year, he has already established the record label as a force to be reckoned within the music industry.  And in celebration of this milestone, O/C Records took part in Fete de la Musique’s 25th year in the Philippines. They staged a pocket concert at The Ruins in Poblacion, Makati last weekend.

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Right before Kean took the stage at The Ruins last June 22, we were able to chat with him about the amazing year that O/C Records had.  And of course, the experience of mounting the pocket concert at The Ruins for Fete de la Musique 2019.

INSIDE SHOWBIZ: Okay, let’s talk first about the event. So you’re celebrating the first anniversary of O/C records. Can you talk about setting up this event?

KEAN CIPRIANO: It’s been a year since we launched this record label, O/C Records and it’s been a great ride so far. Last year, may aspiration ako na gusto ko magkaroon ng part sa federal music, hindi lang as an artist or tumutugtog, pero magkaroon ng isang stage, so ‘yon yung nangyari. I mean siguro nagwork yung prayers and law of attraction because now we’re here.

IS: How was the experience in setting up this event?

KC: Iba rin yung feeling ng pag-mount kasi hindi lang siya basta lang na, “Okay, let’s do an event. Let’s go!” Alam ko na mag-aarereglo ko dito sa mga artists, mag-seset up ng sounds, [making sure na] maganda vibe ng mga tao, [mayroong] magandang tambay. Basically, it’s a night of music and we’re really really happy [that] we are part of this big big worldwide celebration of music.

IS: What were the biggest milestones of O/C records in its one year of existence?

KC: Isang malaking milestone yung na-produce namin yung album ni Unique na “Grandma”. Actually, yun yung first album ever na na-produce ko. Malaking bagay sa akin yung record na iyon. Si Rice Lucido naglabas rin ng album. Nakapagmount kami ng concert last year, yung The “Grandma” Tour sa Kia Theater. Isang malaking taon din yon para sa akin na mai-mount yung malaking event na iyon. The fact na nagtitiwala yung mga artists na ito sa amin, na we can lead them to the right musical path you know, in terms of being authentic artists.

IS: How do events like this standout against the “digitalization” of music since now you can listen to the songs that you want anytime and anywhere?

KC: The basic word is “experience” eh. You can always search [for music] online, you can always go on YouTube or Facebook or wherever, pero yung nandoon ka sa exact same moment na nangyayari yung event na iyon [is different]. We are living in the moment sa mga events na ganito eh. I mean, of course I understand, I [go online] also. Ito yung era na we take photos, post about [life events], and tell people about it. Pero iba yung internal hard drive natin sa utak. Like ako, first concert na pinanood ko sa school. Habang buhay ko matatandaan yung experience na iyon. Nandoon ako, pawis ako, nakita ko yung artist na gusto ko, may nakilala akong bagong tao. I mean camaraderie [ito]. Kaya very important yung live gigs. And yung music goers, like yung Pinoy music supporters, sila yung nag-spread ng word. I mean in this digital era, iba pa rin yung word of mouth.

IS: You talked about this solo project that you’re doing. In this time of your career, is this like a kind of growth for you or are you inspired by other things that would kind of put a different side or medium for you?

KC: Definitely, malaking part ito sa growth ko. It’s liberating. You know, I’m having the time of my life in simply making music. It’s the best thing that I love in this world. And now I have my own record label and I get to sign all of these artists and I get to produce their music. I learned a lot as a person and as a musician [through my record label]. Ang dami kong naabsorb sa [artists], especially the young ones. They’re so fricking talented! Nagrereflect kung ano talaga gusto kong ilabas na music ko. Sobrang perfect time na ito to make music talaga. Dahil ngayon malawak na eh. Di na kailangan na ito tunog mo or ito dapat or hindi. Just be yourself now, you know.

IS: Lastly, what can we expect of your solo projects and of course, with Calalily in the future?

KC: Callalily will be releasing a new single this July, yung title ng song na iyon ayReserva”. Excited din ako doon kasi refined sound naman siya ng Callalily. Ako naman yung solo project ko, may na-release na ako na isang kanta yungEye Contact”. It’s out now in all digital stores. Meron akong lalabas na album this year, definitely. In the process of recording everything. It’s a different sound, it’s a different vibe, it’s a different time of my life. Nagrereflect dito yung mga learnings, yung experiences, pop culture, etc. Expect more songs, expect commercial and non-commercial songs, expect more music videos, more live shows. We’ll be touring, for sure. Expect more music from all the O/C Records artists. Unique will be coming out with new stuff soon. Tsaka Johnoy Danao will be coming with great songs soon. They are very very excited, not only for the label but for the music industry as a whole. So yeah, expect madness from us.

IS: Thank you very much! 

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