The Betty and Veronica-Inspired Sneaker Collection Is Finally Available in Manila!

When the hit Netflix series Riverdale came out, Betty and Veronica have instantly become our style icons.

Since then, we’ve channeled the two iconic characters in the best way that we can—with retro chic outfits and vintage embellishments. Now, as Keds teams up with Archie Comics to create the first ever Betty & Veronica shoe line, we’re positive that Riverdale’s Betty and Veronica would totally seal this sneaker line with their style stamp of approval.

For the collection, Keds debuted six variations of shoes, with prices ranging from P3296-P3495.

Take a look at the Keds x Betty and Veronica collection here:

Betty and Veronica Kickstart Comic (Left) Betty Pop Print (Left)


These rosy pink Anchor sneakers are adorned with the faces of Archie Comics’ legendary ladies and cool cartoon graphics. The comic book pop art, golden star studs, and profiles of Betty and Veronica transform Keds’ subtle pink Kickstart tennis shoe into a statement-making sneaker. Dress up your cute little white or pink dress with this heritage shoe silhouette by Keds and you can have that laidback lady-like charm in a jiffy. Its cushioned foam collar and Dream Foam™ can make every step comfy and dreamy.

Triple Decker Betty and Veronica Embroidered Profile


Can’t decide if you’re Betty or Veronica? Well, sweat no more because this pair of Triple Decker features striking embroidered profiles of them both!

The luxe velvet uppers of these soft blush pink sneakers are truly sophisticated, while the elegant embroideries of the ladies’ faces make this pair a style steal you wouldn’t wanna pass up! The height-enhancing platform bottoms are scene-stealers too, much like the fashionable personas of Betty and Veronica. This pair’s Dream Foam™ footbed makes your strutting down the street more comfortable than usual.

Betty and Veronica Pop Print (left) & Betty and Veronica Double Decker Comic (Right)


Denim shoes with cute cartoon prints are just ultra-stylish, and the playful cartoon prints straight from Archie Comics, golden star studs, and small Betty and Veronica profiles add that vibrant vibe into your denim-on-denim. This updated Keds Champion pair is just what you need to add a little oomph and playful twist into your outfit.

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