Kiana Valenciano Shares Her Battle with Depression

Kiana Valenciano recently shared her inspiring battle with depression last Thursday on her Instagram post. Related: EXCLUSIVE: Kiana Valenciano To Go Experimental With New Music The 25-year-old singer raised awareness of Mental Health and how serious it is after posting her story online. It started when someone asked Kiana if what the tattoo on the back her neck implies, the actress then explained how and why she got it. “Saved. Last night someone asked me what the tattoo on my neck means and why I got it. 2016 was a really heavy year for me. I was dealing with anxiety and depression and reached the point where I didn’t even notice I was hurting myself physically.” “It wasn’t until a friend pointed out that I had scratches and scars across the back of my neck that I realised I was lost and needed help” “2 years later, with the combined help of God, my family, amazing friends, and Sam, I’m able to deal with my anxiety in a healthier way. No more scratches! Just a reminder that I’m saved.” The actress is known to be in a relationship with actor Sam Concepcion and is best friends with actresses Nadine Lustre and Lauren Reid who are also some of the people who supported the actress from her battle with depression. The singer ended her post by encouraging everyone who suffers from any mental health problems to be brave and get professional help. “If you’re going through something, don’t be afraid to let people in. Let your loved ones love you ✨” Kiana is one of the celebrities that recently shared awareness of Mental Health issues, this includes Solenn Heussaf and Isabelle Daza. Read more: