Live-Action Kim Possible Star Gets Backlash For “Not Looking Like Kim Possible”

Recently, Disney has revealed the first look for the live-action Kim Possible movie.

Needless to say, people were disappointed with the outcome.

Especially with the actress playing the main star of the show, Sadie Stanley, who they think don’t suit the role.

We are so used to seeing teenagers on television be played by older actors.

A prime example of this is the Netflix series Riverdale. The characters themselves are in high school, making them around fifteen to sixteen years old. However, when it comes to the television series, you see all of these gorgeous and mature-looking actors that are in their mid-twenties. Thus, we project this expectation onto them.

Im so excited to finally be able to announce this! It still doesn’t feel real! I will be playing the iconic, strong, empowering character of Kim Possible in Disney’s live action original movie! I just want to say that I know the responsibility I am taking on. I know how important this character is to so many people and what she represents. I know this cartoon was one of the greatest and I’m going to do everything I can to do it justice. I’m so excited for this next chapter in my life! So grateful for the friends and family who supported me and encouraged me as well as my amazing agents and manager. Congratulations to @seangiambrone can’t wait to do this with you! Thank you to Adam, Zach, Zanne and everyone else at @disneychannel for believing in me and making my dreams come true! I won’t let you down! #kimpossible

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The media plays an essential role in the way teenagers shape their perception of themselves as individuals.

Perhaps it’s because these people in beauty advertisements embody the persistent idealistic image and enact roles that serve as expectations for teenagers. Maybe they see this as a guide for their appearance, and attitude in order for society’s acceptance. One important factor that is relevant to the media’s potential influences is the degree to which they compare themselves with those women seen in advertisements. The media provides ideals and standards, which you can compare yourself with. We look to the media so that we can have a sense of what to become. 

Thus, with the internalization of these standards and the social environment’s influence, they have a profound impact on one’s identity formation.

Moreover, it may possibly lead to the alteration of the self in terms of appearance, values, and beliefs. Thus, it is of paramount importance to be cautious and knowledgeable about the media’s distorted constructions of reality. Moreover, we also need a concrete identity and discernment of social influences so that we can be always critical of them. 

We should not bully Sadie Stanley for this casting.

She’s a 16-year-old actress playing a role of a 16-year old character. The imposition of such demands for a teenager to perfectly fit a cartoon character primarily comes from how our familiarity with actors in their twenties on television.

Moreover, despite the backlash Sadie has been receiving, there are people in the internet who came to her defense as well.

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