Kisses Delavin And Maymay Entrata Speak On Pitting Women Against Each Other

Maymay Entrata and Kisses Delavin reunite at the same studio during the anniversary of their first MEG cover shoot!

With something currently brewing inside MEGA studios, Maymay and Kisses recreate their pose in their very first MEG e-Magazine cover from last year’s May issue.

Despite the differences of their respective fanbase, Maymay and Kisses seem to be in good spirits as they pose together in front of the camera for a reunion picture. While inside the makeup studio, Kisses insisted on waiting for Maymay to finish her make up so they could take a picture. The two birthday girls look thrilled as they recreate their photo together!

Image Credit: MEG / Floyd Jhocson

In a separate interview with MEG, they share how they feel about women being pitted against each other. Especially in the showbiz industry, it is so common to feel like women are constantly being made to compete. Maymay and Kisses have definitely had their fair share of feeling like they’re being compared to other celebrities.

Kisses: “I don’t like it. I don’t like when people pit girls against other girls. Pero the good side about it is I don’t think much about it. Maapektuhan tayo syempre tao lang tayo, pero I focus on other things instead of thinking of them.

Maymay: “Okay lang sa akin. Kasi kahit anong gawin mo, i-co-compare at i-co-compare ka. Para sa akin, tine-take ko yun na reality yun na cino-compare ka.”

Negative comments

Image Credit: MEG / Floyd Jhocson

Though they admit that seeing negative comments about them cannot be avoided, they both had a common mindset…

Kisses: “I mean, sino ba sila? Mga dummy accounts, fake accounts?”

Maymay: “Siguro kasi hindi ako ma-social media. Mas ma-affect ako kapag mama ko nagsabi. Hindi ko naman sila kilala eh! Nagpapasalamat ako sa kanila kasi mas lalong lumalaban ako sa kung anong meron ako.

With the outpouring support of their respective fanbase, especially on social media, Maymay shares that she’s trying to be more active on Instagram for them. She said, “yung iba nga, nagagalit na sa akin dahil hindi ako nagu-update. Kasi nga, hindi ako sanay mag social media. Ngayon palang, nag a-adjust ako.”

How lifting each other up makes all the difference

Image Credit: MEG / Floyd Jhocson

Known for being best friends since their Pinoy Big Brother days, one would think that the constant competition between Maymay and Kisses would put a strain between their friendship. But that’s not what happened inside the dressing room.

Maymay: “Maapektuhan lang ako kapag totoo, pero pag hindi, walang dahilan para maapektuhan ako.”

In the era where women empowerment should be our common goal, we should celebrate the growing success of these girls instead of making them compete. The so-called celebrity feuds are nothing new in the entertainment industry, but we don’t realize that we put these women on the spot of being judged and belittled.

Kisses feels the same way: “Feel ko kung ili-lift up nalang lahat ng girls, I think mas magkakaron ng better opportunity for women in this industry.

After taking their photo together, they shared a quick hug and exchanged a few banters with the One MEGA team. Before Kisses left, Maymay shouted, “Iske! Bye!” and blew a kiss at Kisses to bid farewell.

Featured Art by: Suzanne Allbabidi
Photos by: Jerry Sanchez