Our July MEG Idol: Kisses Delavin On How She Finds Passion In Action

When life makes you choose between passion and action, make your passion the action.

Okay, maybe that’s not exactly how the saying goes, and maybe the word “lemon” should be in there somewhere, but hear us out: wouldn’t it be smart to know how to keep doing to things at once? How to make lemon juice instead of just saying you’ll make it?

When the world you are living in is already good, you either become content or you never stop wanting new things. When everything around you already shines, you either find a dull spot or you make sure there’s no room for anything less glittery.

Somewhere out there is a young girl who was born to be a star. Right now, she’s probably getting ready for a photo shoot or reading a script. But right now, the same girl is also probably thinking and stressing over the upcoming midterms, waiting for the opportunity to bury her head in accountancy books.

Kisses Delavin is 20 years old, one of today’s brightest stars, and she is back to school.

She is our MEG July Cover Girl.

Growing up, Kisses has always been curious about what it was like to join the entertainment industry. That curiosity wavered, though, during her teenage years, but there was only so much that she could do to avoid the spotlight that was always meant to be hers.

So she gave it a shot.

That one shot flew across the field and landed right on the right spot at exactly the right time.

There was no one in the social media scene that didn’t stumble across her name in an article or hear her name in a video. Her popularity soared high when she joined the 7th regular season of Pinoy Big Brother as a teen housemate. She was a crowd favorite, winning the hearts of the masses, and ultimately finishing strong as the show’s 2nd Big Placer.

From then on, she was unstoppable.

She received product endorsement offers left and right, TV show guestings, movie and teleserye roles, and most importantly, she gained millions of loyal and strongly dedicated army of fans who she fondly calls “Kissables”.

Firing this significant shot spoke volumes about the 20-year-old’s character. She is resilient, determined, intelligent, and – in honor of her love for Taylor Swift – fearless. In her book, there was no such thing as impossible or not doable — there were only a goal and a plan.

Just recently, Kisses made the decision to go back to school after the success of her first solo concert, A Life Full of Kisses, to honor the promise she had made to her parents when she decided to pursue a career in show business. Her parents were initially against the idea of her being in the industry, an objection that Kisses did not stand by but instead compromised — she understood where her parents were coming from, and she knew how to get what everyone wanted.

She and her parents made a simple deal: after two to three years in the industry, she would go back to school. Of course, it was so much easier said than done, considering how much she had on her plate as a celebrity, but needless to say, she followed through with utmost grace and refreshing enthusiasm.

No one wanted her to go back to school more than she did. Kisses seriously loves school.

When we asked her how school was so far, her face lit up as if we were asking her about how she spent her Christmas.

Sobrang saya! (It’s so fun!),” she exclaimed. “It’s really good that I have something to do outside showbiz, na hindi showbiz yung buong mundo mo. You get to realize that there’s a whole new world, there’s a big world outside showbiz (It’s really good that I have something to do outside showbiz, that showbiz isn’t your whole world.)”

She told the story of how her professor gave each and every student in the class a rock on the first day of school. The rock was symbolic – a sign of strength, endurance, and everything a person should be when the bad times roll. The unexpected life lesson took her by surprise, and she admitted getting so emotional that she had to hide her face.

Kisses just so happened to be going through a difficult time back then and the lesson on one’s supposed likeness to a rock was everything she needed to hear. The words of her professor echoed through her mind and now she lives by it with all her heart.

School was everything she has ever dreamed of and more, and there is not a single trace of regret or exhaustion on her face, even though she’s taking up one of the most challenging majors in the university.

However, some frowned upon the decision she had made.

“The popular opinion was ‘don’t go to school’ kasi it’s not a good thing daw for showbiz,” she said. She also recognizes that striking while the iron is hot is an important move and a smart strategy while under the spotlight, but despite how busy she got, she knew she had some “down times”, as she called it, and she wanted to spend it wisely.

She fought against the popular opinion and is now living her best student life as an Accountancy major in De La Salle University.

Given the success she has had over the past few years, it would be easy to think that the 20-year-old has more than everything she has ever wanted. The entertainment industry is a big, glamorous world. The excessive amount of glitter overshadows everything else, and eventually, anyone who stares at the glitters long enough may easily be blinded.

But there are tiny specs — not as pretty or sparkly or wanted — in between the glitters that are the dull shadows of reality.

While Kisses could not have been more grateful for all the good things, she couldn’t help feeling like the glitter was blocking her sights instead of being mesmerized by them. Underneath the make-up and the gorgeous dresses is a young woman who wanted to live the normal life of a teenager, and she feels like in her time in showbiz, she has missed out on things she wishes she didn’t have to miss out on.

“Being in showbiz, you’re always so busy,” she explained. “All the while when I’m in showbiz, I totally feel like I can do so much more, so I went to school.”

While she didn’t go into detail about the things she feels like she missed out on, the fact that she used school as an escape was very telling of how much she wanted to have not just the life full of ‘action’ but also the ‘passion.’

“I went to school to clear my mind and also to experience normal things,” she said. Leave it to Kisses to find solace in school while most of us do everything we can to get out of it as soon as we can.

Fans need not worry about missing their beloved idol. While she’s going to be even busier now, she says that she’s not taking a break from showbiz anytime soon, and will instead juggle two very important commitments on her already-full plate.

Just thinking about it sounds completely exhausting, but remember, this is Kisses we’re talking about.

“. . .I’m used to juggling [many] things at once, and I would be more worried if I’m not doing anything productive.”

Kisses now practices waking up every day at 4:00 a.m. (A.M.!!!) so she can get everything done in the morning and have more time to relax in the evening.

There is no question that she will succeed, no matter how full her plate gets, but she’s in for quite a ride. So how will she be able to push through it all?

“Willpower,” she said. “Kailangan meron ka talagang willpower, that you want to do two things at the same time. . . it’s going to be so hard, and people are going to ask you to choose.”

Kisses refuses to choose. In her mind, if there is something that she wants to do, she can do it. If she wants to study, she will study. If she wants to act, she will act.

And quite truthfully, it’s beyond empowering, because no one should be forced to choose between two or three or a million things if there’s a way to do them all. If this generation is going to be remembered for one thing, it’s how it broke norms and standards and led the movement in making the world a place where we can be who we want to be.

Kisses has always envisioned herself in the place of someone who helps the world, and it’s safe to say that she’s well on her way to doing so, given her huge platform, wise mind, and righteous voice.

The world that Kisses lived in was already good, but she wanted more. Not because she was greedy and unsatisfied, but because she knew she could have the best. Just because she is content, doesn’t mean she will settle.

In the world that she chooses to live in now, she leads a life of pursuit, passion, and wisdom beyond her years.

When life gave her passion, she turned it into action.

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