Kit Thompson Recounts Past Drug Use

Kit Thompson is back in Philippine showbiz after a four year break and he has definitely returned a changed man from the young star that audiences saw in #Y and Forevermore RELATED: 7 Irresistibly Attractive Actors Who Are Currently Single The former PBB alum took a four year break from the industry to study acting in America and while there he has also gotten himself signed to a modeling agency and has been posting his works on his social media account. It would be remembered that Kit made tabloid headlines back in 2o14 after reports of him getting arrested for possession of marijuana circulated and then shortly after he made the move to the U.S.A. Now back from his break, Kit is ready to make a comeback in Philippine showbiz as part of the highly anticipated KathNiel movie, The Hows of Us.

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During the press conference for The Hows of Us members of the media asked Kit about his past. “Oo naman,” says Kit when asked if he has learned from his past experiences. Kit then continues on to say that whatever transpired before is now behind him and he has moved on from it. “Alam mo naman, siyempre bata pa eh. Growing up. Learning from your mistakes,” shares Kit.
As of now the doors are open for Kit Thompson in terms of projects and we can’t wait to see him back in full throttle on local TV and movie screens. Read more: