Kris Aquino Goes Viral Over Earthquake Reaction Video

Kris Aquino has once again taken over the internet as her reaction to the big earthquake that shook Metro Manila last Monday went viral on social media. RELATED: Gretchen Barretto Drops Revelations On Nicko Falcis, Kris Aquino and Marjorie Barretto The Philippine Queen of All Media has gone viral once again after videos of her reaction to the earthquake last Monday made its rounds online. Kris faced the members of the press and the media last Monday for a press conference and while answering their questions, the earthquake struck. Kris maintained her composure the whole time and even managed to crack a few jokes while the earthquake was going on. After going viral, Kris even posted the video on her own Instagram account and jested at her own reaction. Kris Aquino Watch the reaction video below: There’s no one like you, Kris! Read more: