Kris Aquino Extends Gratitude To A Thai Who Returned Her Wallet

Kris Aquino, losing her wallet in Hong Kong and getting it back went like a breeze. Related: Kris Aquino Turned Down Vice Ganda?  Kris Aquino shared on her Instagram how she went to mass alone in Hong Kong and dropped her wallet in a taxi. Luckily, the people who found her wallet were good people who were willing to return her wallet.

Kris went on to meet up with the people who found it, and got her wallet back. Because of this, Kris added a new resolution to her list: to not be so dependent on her assistants so that she would learn to take care of her things when she’s alone.
“Thank you God for really blessing me much more than I deserve,” Kris wrote. The showbiz royalty spent her New Year’s eve in Hong Kong with her two kids, Josh and Bimby. Read more: