MEG August Cover Story: Kyline Alcantara On Living A Life With No Filters

Kyline Alcantara August Cover

In this day and age, there seems to be trouble with the current generation and what it means to be real and authentic. With social media being so widespread, people have the ability to filter their lives through the way they want people to see it and not how it really is. People pretend to be someone they’re not, whether it be on social media or even in real life.

It’s hard to be original when what you portray is not the real you. And Kyline Alcantara remarkably succeeds in staying in touch with her true self.

When I first met her, she greeted me with a warm smile that felt like she was just meeting a casual friend. During the shoot, she would transition from giving fierce poses in front of the camera to being her fun and bubbly self afterward as she dances to Beyoncé songs. When it was time for me to interview her, the first thing she told me was “I’m cute”. From what I observed up until that point, I could tell there was something special about Kyline.

Kyline Alcantara MEG

Actress, singer, and teen star are just some ways to describe her. She’s been in the industry for almost 10 years now and has done everything from TV shows, movies, and concerts. But it wasn’t always a smooth ride for Kyline during her rise to stardom.

She started auditioning at a very young age but experienced multiple rejections. Kyline told me that, before, she would get comments about how since she came from a broken family, she wouldn’t be seen as a role model to young people. To experience that much rejection at a young age could be traumatic for any young child, but Kyline says she learned from her experiences.

“Before, nilulunod ko ang sarili [in rejection]. But now, kung marereject man ako, it’s part of life and part talaga siya ng roller coaster ride ng buhay.” (“Before, I drowned myself in rejection. But now, if I get rejected, it’s part of life and part of the roller coaster ride of life.”)

Despite all the challenges she has faced, she persevered and attained success. If you ask her why she has become so popular, she gives an honest answer: “Siguro kasi pinapakita ko lang talaga kung sino talaga ako sa kanila…” (“I think it’s because I just show who I really am to them. How silly I am, how serious I am sometimes, how focused I am in my work.”)

With breakout performances in TV shows, regular guest spots on Sunday variety shows, and more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram, one wouldn’t think how grounded Kyline really is.

Honestly kasi, ginagawa ko ang lahat ng mga ginagawa ko because mahal ko ito. Iba sa pakiramdam yung nagagawa mo yung kung ano yung gusto mo, kung ano yung feeling mo, ang purpose mo in life, to entertain.” (“Honestly I’m doing all of this is because I love it. It’s a different feeling of doing what you like to do, what your feeling is, your purpose in life, to entertain.”)

It’s obvious that Kyline does not do this for the wrong reasons, but because she genuinely enjoys it and puts her love and passion into her craft.

“Iba yung kakalabasan kaysa dun sa ‘I’m just doing this for fame, I’m just doing for this money.’” (“It will come out different compared to ‘I’m just doing this for fame, I’m just doing this for money.’”)

Last year, Google Trends released the top 10 most searched female personalities in Google in 2018 and it showed Kyline Alcantara at the 5th spot, making her the highest-charting Filipina on the list.

Kyline has something to say about what people expect to see when they Google her: “Kung ano yung pinapakita ko sa TV, kung ano ang pinapakita sa interviews ko, videos ko, yun talaga ako sa personal life.” (“What I show on TV, what I show in interviews, my videos, that is who I really am in my personal life.”)

To be so famous at 16 can have its downsides. There are numerous stories of teen stars both here and in Hollywood being affected by the negative effects of fame and success.

Kyline, however, has managed to avoid those downsides and she credits her family and friends for keeping her grounded.

“Nung wala pa ako dito kung nasaan man ako ngayon, sila yung nagpapaalala sa akin na just keep on going, sila talaga yung nandiyan para ipaalala sa akin kung sino ako nung nagsimula ako.” (“When I wasn’t where I am now, they were the ones who reminded me to just keep on going, they are the ones who are really there to remind me who I am when I started.”)

She also credits an important group of people in her life, her sunflowers.

I took notice when she used the term sunflowers because that is what she calls her fans. The term “sunflowers” came from when Kyline and her family were doing Stations of the Cross in Bicol. Kyline came across a sunflower field which made her happy and her dad suggested that since her fans make her happy, she should call her fans sunflowers. She agreed, and the term stuck ever since.

As the interview continued, it occurred to me just how special of a relationship Kyline has with her fans.

When it comes to fans, the usual idea is that the fans know the celebrity but the celebrity doesn’t really know her fans. This is something Kyline tries to change.  She doesn’t treat her fans as just her fans, she treats them as a special part of her life.

Mas gusto ko yung kilala nila ako at kilala ko rin sila. Gusto ko kasi magkaroon ng ganitong relationship with my fans.” (“I prefer that they know me and I know them as well. I want this kind of relationship with my fans.”)

This kind of relationship Kyline tries to foster with her fans is something that you don’t normally see. Not only does Kyline present her honest self, but she also wants her fans to be part of her world. As someone who is connected to social media and to her fans, she understands their anxieties and what they are going through. She lives a true and positive life and that is something she wants to impart not only on her fans but on anyone she meets.

Kyline Alcantara August Cover

As sure as she is, Kyline knows exactly what her purpose is in life.

“Feeling ko at this very young age, my purpose is to entertain and to make people happy and to remind people to always stay positive.”

It’s refreshing to see someone like Kyline talk so openly. Whether it’s about her relationship with her fans, how she views herself and her work, she doesn’t talk as if through the lenses of a celebrity but as a 16-year-old who loves what she’s doing and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. You’d be hard-pressed to find a teen whose main goal in life to spread positivity while being authentic and honest, yet here is Kyline, front and center, ready to speak her truth.

With her not holding back with her honesty, there are times when she gets herself in a bit of hot water.

Kyline once said in an interview that she doesn’t have any showbiz friends. When I asked her about this, she said that trust was a really important issue for her as she has had trust issues before with her friends and family.

But just like with her rejections, she has learned from her past experiences. “I learned to trust more and to communicate more. Nagkaroon ng bad articles about that, but there’s nothing wrong with being honest. Just choose your right words. (“I learned to trust more and communicate more. There were bad articles about that, but there’s nothing wrong with being honest. Just choose the right words.)

In the story of Midas–which was the concept of Kyline’s shoot with Meg–King Midas gains the ability to turn whatever he touches into gold.

At first, he is joyful about it, but it soon backfires against him after he accidentally touches his son and turns him into gold. Kyline’s golden touch isn’t a downside, but an advantage. Everything she touches turns positive.

She speaks with a maturity that is beyond her years yet comes across as relatable and fun-loving. She genuinely believes in a better world and uses her position in life to inspire others to live their truths openly. Kyline is a rising star and she is showing no signs of slowing down. At 16 years old, she has a firm grasp of who she is and how she lives her life.

In a world where it’s becoming harder and harder to differentiate what’s real from fake, Kyline lives a life with no filters.

Photography by Kieran Punay
Art Direction by Suzanne Allbabidi
Sittings Editor: Elyse Ilagan
Words by Raf Bautista
Makeup by Nikki Del Valle-Duque
Hair by Mycke Arcano
Styling by Sharmaine Anne Tanael
Nails by Mia Castro
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