Letran Hacks: Foods and Treats To Savor Your Taste Buds

Among the different food stalls, kiosks, and canteens, a Letranite can easily determine the food that’s from Letran. There isn’t one Letranite in the grounds who do not know the fervor brought by these delectable foods and treats!

Can’t contain your hunger anymore? We got you covered. Here are the best of the best dishes inside Letran Manila!


Had enough of the typical chicken joy or breaded chicken at fast food chains? Well, the ever-famous chicken ni Mang George is here to spice things up! What makes chicken ni Mang George special is not just the chicken itself but also the person who crafted this masterpiece that every Letranite adores, no other than Mang George himself. This chicken has been very popular inside Letran for over a decade now. Consistently, the legacy of Mang George’s chicken will keep on filling the stomach of every Letranite – savoring every bit of their taste buds.

Still, Mang George’s chicken recipe remains a secret. That’s sad but that’s what makes Mang George’s chicken to-die-for!

2. PAGE 1620

Letran’s Page 1620 may not be your typical fancy cafe, but one that is a go-to cafe. Desserts, beverages, junk foods, sweets, and everything in between, this cafe has got you covered. From the varieties of food they sell, we’re sure you’ll be having a hard time finding the perfect piece to suit what your taste buds crave for. Letranites say that their best sellers are beverages. Obviously, Letranites can’t get enough of coffee because who can’t survive without coffee running through their veins? House-blended iced teas are also their go-to drink to quench their thirst.

What makes Page 1620 so special is that all the food they serve is handcrafted by the Letran Chefs. What a fun way to share such talent! Not to mention their delicious treats.


More than just serving money-worthy dishes, the Knights Cafe also has what it takes to be one of Letran’s next best canteen.  Over the years of being one of the canteens serving perfectly crafted dishes, Knights cafe is still one of the best choices to get snacks or lunch. Not only is the atmosphere well ventilated, meaning air-conditioned, they also serve food well prepared and decorated because who doesn’t want to eat in an air-conditioned canteen with a glass plate and silverware? I think Letranites love that idea!

Fun fact: Letran Athletes eat here so if you have a major crush on an athlete, you can find them here. Thank us later.


Alongside Mang George’s canteen, there are still some food stalls that Letranites huddle for inside the lower canteen. More food means more chances of eating which leads to being broke because you spend too much on food. Again. But what better way to spend your money than on food to satisfy your cravings? Anyway, besides the famous Mang George’s chicken, you still have choices left if you feel very indecisive. One food stall sells french fries, bread rolls, rice toppings, dynamite, and mostly fried snacks for an affordable price. Another stall sells shawarma in pita bread or with rice, while other sells lutong bahay dishes.

See? How can you not spend so much on food if you have these?


The upper salon or the promenade as what every Letranite claims, shares the typical inside-the-school ambiance with a mix of a local eatery atmosphere. The upper salon also has different food stalls. Just like the lower canteen, you can see different varieties of dishes at a sight. Though these food stalls kind of share the same characteristics. More than just being friendly and approachable, they also serve lutong bahay dishes that Letranites shouldn’t miss out!

We all love spending on food because the prices come with a good cause and satisfy our cravings. Food never really fails to amaze people. Thanks to the Letranites and the people who crafted such delicious dishes, we are adding this to our list of great food and delicious treats. Definitely worth the try!

Briella Ventura is a Communication Arts Major in Letran Manila and an intern for MEG Magazine.