4 Fun Looks With Lip Tints According To Your Fave Careline Girls

Lipsticks come and go, but lip tints last forever.

Lip stains are the best way to cut your makeup routine in half—plus it stays on your face longer than your usual lipstick. So if you prefer lightweight makeup in natural and peachy pink shades, then you should ride with this beauty trend. A lip tint is easy to travel with, it’s multi-use and long-lasting!

Here are fun ways you can play with your lip tints, as seen from Maris Racal and Andrea Brillantes:

1. Glossy Lids

The Careline Stain Gloss is perfect for pink, glossy lids. Spread it on your eyelids and achieve that dewy look! Here’s Andrea trying it out.

2. No makeup makeup

Lip tints are the secret product to look like you’re blooming without any makeup on. Just put a little color on your lips and you’re done! This is how Maris stays looking fresh too.

3. Gradient Lips

Make your lips look plumper by building up your tint in the middle of your lips and let it fade out. You can add a little highlight on your cupid’s bow and some lip gloss for the full effect!

4. Sun-kissed

A trick Andrea likes to use when applying tint on her cheeks is to also put some on the bridge of her nose.

Take a look at our favorite shades from the Careline lip tint collection!

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