Why The Live Action Aladdin Disappointed A Lot Of Fans

We all grew up watching Disney classics with animals, fairies, princes, and princesses living under a spell. It sparked our imagination and introduced us to a more adventurous life filled with catchy songs and happily-ever-afters. With that being said, Aladdin is one story that surely left a mark in our hearts.

Just as 2010 entered, thanks to the wonderful cinematic universe, our favorite Disney classics characters are slowly coming to life each year. It started with Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Maleficent, The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, and Christopher Robin.

This time, live-action Aladdin will show us a whole new world as it also features whole new-looking characters. Sadly, the internet does not approve just yet!

Entertainment Weekly released the first look into the characters of the new Disney live action film. The Twitterverse is shaking upon seeing the set of photos released by Entertainment Weekly. It was not even close like how they expected it to be:

It’s not news that Will Smith will be playing Genie, but people are basically shocked at the sight of Genie not looking like Genie!

Photo credits: www.ew.com

Instead, Will Smith is still him in a blue costume and a fake goatee. Twitter took this seriously and asked for our original blue and beaming Genie.

However, this is clarified by Will Smith in an Instagram post that his character will be in CGI most of the time and he will definitely be blue!

Next: Jasmine isn’t Arab?

Photo credits: www.ew.com

In the live-action adaptation, Actor Mena Massoud who will play as Aladdin is of Egyptian background, while Naomi Scott who will play as Jasmine is of British and Indian heritage.

Women of Indian and Middle Eastern heritage aren’t interchangeable, Disney.

Brown-face in 2018? Not cool.

Living in a diverse era, brown-facing is not only offensive but also questionable. Each day, Hollywood gets a little more diverse than before, but why is Aladdin still misrepresenting the characters? In the preview of Aladdin, it is seen that the townspeople of Agrabah are wearing a brown-face although they are obviously non-brown race. Not only that, but Naomi Scott is also wearing a brown-face to look like the Arab Jasmine. Yikes. The Twitterverse, of course, took notice of this.

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