LouDre Answers Rumors of their Pairing Being Scripted

During the Pinoy Big Brother Otso Batch 2 Big Four's first media conference, the press were quick to ask about the authencity of the LouDre pairing. It can be remembered that Andre Brouillette finally asked Lou Yanong to be his girlfriend on television but some are still doubting if their relationship is true. Related: PBB: Otso Apologizes For LouDre Kissing Episode  Lou answered: “It’s just something to laugh about. Because we do really love each other,” LouDre Andre answered the press: “You know a lot of it is new for me. I’ve never felt these feelings before towards Lou. And everything that I’m doing is genuine. It’s not like there’s any script or anything. I actually do really really mean it when I say I’ve never met any more wonderful girl like Lou. We believe in ourselves that we can make it till the very end. But along the way, I’m very happy to say that I’ve been able to find an amazing love and an amazing girl like Lou,” LouDre The two also discussed the kiss they shared when they were drunk inside the PBB house. Lou shared: “Para sa akin hindi lang po siguro na-consider nung time na ‘yon since we’re intoxicated. May mga batang nanunuod and na-realize na lang po namin the next day na yung mga choices namin talagang kailangan, the decisions we make, really we have to think about it twice,” How about you? Do you think LouDre is genuine? Read more: