The Love Teams That We Still Ship But Didn’t Make It

2018 was a big year for love teams. We have seen the major league love teams from a couple of years back maintain their top status.  We have also seen the like of JuanBie gain popularity overnight. As the year ended, so did a lot of tandems (both on-screen and off-screen).

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We rounded up the love teams that didn’t make it, although we wish they did.


The popular love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza known as AlDub gained massive popularity back in 2015. The tandem maintained their top status for almost three years up until the last months of 2018 when both Alden and Maine started doing separate projects.

While the two have assured their fans that they are open to probably working together again in the future, they are currently sticking to their separated state.

Since then, Maine Mendoza has confirmed that she is dating Arjo Atayde.

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Bailey May and Ylona Garcia’s young love team fresh from the Pinoy Big Brother house took the nation by storm after they exited the show. The pair continued to do campaigns together and a number of campaigns together after their stint at the reality show.

Things went rocky when a misunderstanding happened between the two young stars which led to the end of their tandem.

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Kisses Delavin started 2018 with two possible love team partners that her fans were shipping her with: Tony Labrusca and Donny Pangilinan. While both KissTon and DonKiss both had shippers, Kisses eventually chose Donny Pangilinan to ber her love team partner.

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Donny Pangilinan and Kisses Delavin’s tandem turned out to be quite successful. After starring in a couple of movies together and even a teleserye, their love team proved to be a bankable one.

Things went south when Kisses suddenly announced after a social media blackout that the DonKiss tandem was over. Donny said he had no idea of that since last he heard, things were being worked out for the love team.

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The love team of Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona was first launched in the 2016 teleserye “Born For You”. Filipino audiences immediately fell in love with their tandem and has since then grew their fan base. The ElNella love team continued to flourish and ended up doing two movies (Bloody Crayons and My Fairy Tail Love Story) together.

The love team’s end came when allegations of physical abuse in the relationship surfaced. After going back and forth in cryptic statements both on social media and in interviews, the two actors seemed to have settled things privately.

In an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Janella said about the failed relationship, “We built something beautiful—our friendship, our relationship—but some beautiful things need to come to an end.”

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Filipino audiences first fell in love with JM de Guzman’s tandem with Barbie Imperial in the hit teleserye Araw Gabi. That would be the tandem’s first and last project together.

The couple then had a falling out which was mostly shared with social media. While there was no deliberate explanation as to how and why things ended between the two actors but they both hinted at it at separate interviews on national television.

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Elisse Joson’s tandem with Hashtags member McCoy de Leon was probably one of the most successful of their generation. The two landed several magazine covers together and was even able to star in a movie (Sakaling Maging Tayo) together before things ended.

The former couple confessed to having high and low moments during the filming of Sakaling Maging Tayo which they said audiences would notice.

The two have since then parted ways and are focusing on solo projects.

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